About Us

About Rselim Technology Consulting:

We started with a vision that all companies can have effective project management and consulting for their short term and long term projects without breaking the bank. No longer is it necessary to hire a full time employee for a few projects and realize that they are not necessary after the projects are completed. We can effectively manage your projects without the difficulty, large cost, and time spent hiring a full time employee.

We also realized that companies often hired full-time representatives that must be trained to represent their products at events and trade shows. Although these shows may only occur a few times a year, the cost of  employee training and retainment can be great. This made us realize that we can help these companies save money, time, and headache by stepping in to help when companies need temporary product representation.

Our philosophy is simple: Learn your product or business inside and out and give your business and product representation that you can be proud of.

Who are we?

We are former project managers, sales professionals, CEOS, technology buffs, and even live webinar hosts. Together we are what your company has been looking for.